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TG-T3 Electric Unicycle

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TG-T3 Electric Unicycle 132Wh Lithium Battery

TG-T3 Electric Unicycle Features:
 Built-in 132Wh Samsung lithium battery and it only take 45 minutes to charge 80% energy
 After fully charge, the wheel can travel around 11-12km (depends on rider's weight, road conditions etc)
 It can reach up to maximum speed 18km/h
 With electric motor rated power 350W, uphill angle of 30 ° can be achieved
 Charging Voltage: AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz
 Motor operating voltage: DC 60V


Reason to buy:
The Unicycle is easy to learn and intended for adults
Excellent tool to go work, school, date and so on
With small size design that it cannot take up any more space than a briefcase
Perfectly finish the “the last 1km” after coming out from the metro
The best way for you to travel in the heavy traffic
Self-balancing unicycle is the smallest, most convenient and low-carbon vehicle
It is the most portable vehicle with a built-in carrying handle whose weight is only 10kg that you can easy to carry it on the bus or subway
Self-balancing unicycle is composed of super magnetic levitation motor, wear-resisting silicone, aviation aluminum pedal and wear and antiskid tyre

Self balancing gyroscope, automatic correction:
1. Fall Back: Body lean back
2. Static: Body upright
3. Forward: Body forward

Aviation Aluminum Pedal with Exclusive Pedal Folding Tech :
1. High Strength
2. Ultra-Widened.
3. Suit Your Feet Better Fit.
4. Natural Adsorption.
5. Facilitate Your Riding.


Model Rated Power 350 W
Rotation speed 400 r/min
Model# T 3
Performance Max Speed 18km/h (start warning at 12km/h)
Mileage Around 11-12km(depends on rider’s weight, road conditions etc)
Max tilt Around 15°-30°(depends on rider’s weight)
Battery 132Wh Samsung Lithium- polymer battery
If no water inside the battery, life spend up to 3 years in general
Using temperature -10℃-40℃ (recommending at 10℃-30℃)
Max load 120kg
Charging Voltage AC 110~240V, 50-60HZ
Charging Time Around 45-60 Mins (30 Mins to 80%)
Protections Tilt Protection 45° (solo wheel will stop working when tilt above 45°)
Speed Protection ≥12km/h (start alerting and automatically slow down if above 12km/h)
Low Battery Protection When battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stopped working.
Specs Size Height: 45cm, Length: 39.5cm Thinkness: 7-16 cm
Distance between Pedal and ground 116mm
Tyre size Diameter: 360MM
Weight 10kg
Infomaiton Notice  Power switch LED Works  when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances.
Battery 4 battery display LED works if battery capacity above 85% and turned off with battery running out
Voice Alert Beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacity
Voice Alert Whistling when tilt
Packing&Accessories 1 x T3 Electric Wheelbarrow Global Charger, Giftbox, User Manual

1. The taster’s weight is around 65-70kg and drives at a constant speed.
2. Do not drive in a row for a long time. The mainboard is overheating that the battery is draining too fast and will impact cruising distance.
It’s best for you to have a few minutes rest when drive for half an hour.
3. Try to keep driving at a constant speed. To slow down or speed up frequently will consume power quickly.
4. Cruising distance depends on the weight of driver, road environment and other factors

Package includes:
1x Self Balancing Unicycle
1x Learning Band
1x Global Charger
1x User Manual
1x Double-sided adhesive (for stick Bumper strip)
1x Bumper strip